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Little Debbie releasing Christmas Tree Cake ice cream

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream.jpg
Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream hitting store shelves November 1. (Photo: Little Debbie via Walmart press release){ }

WASHINGTON (SBG) — Little Debbie will have shoppers dreaming of a white Christmas (Tree Cake) this holiday season.

The iconic treat that can only be found around Christmas time will soon be hitting freezer shelves, the snack cake brand confirmed. In partnership with Hudsonville Ice Cream based out of Michigan, Little Debbie said it is bringing Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream to stores starting Nov. 1.

The seasonal classic first came on the scene in 1985. The traditional treat features yellow cake layers filled with creme and coated with white frosting.

In the ice cream version, those ingredients will be swirled together along with the red icing garland and green sprinkles.

As part of an exclusive partnership, shoppers will only be able to find the frozen delicacy at participating Walmart stores beginning in November.