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John Madewell has been with NewsChannel9 since 1994. John started working as a one-man-band, reporter and photographer, on an overnight shift. After that, NewsChannel9 shifted John to covering North Georgia. John grew up in Ringgold, Georgia.

Since the spring of 2014, John has been working full time in NewsChannel9's sports department, returning to what he calls his "first love." Covering high school and college football are two of his favorites. And John says it has been a great pleasure interacting with all the high school coaches and players that NewsChannel9 routinely covers. John is also the sportscaster for First at Ten on FOX Chattanooga.

Before coming to Chattanooga he worked for four years at a television station in Savannah, Georgia. John found much attraction to the city's historic charm and nearby beach of Tybee Island.

John attended Dalton College and then the University of Georgia. He is an avid Dawgs fan.

In his spare time, John enjoys