LaFayette High School surprises fellow classmate fighting cancer

Macy Allgood.JPG
Photo Left to Right: Deshia Dew, Kamryn Herman, Miss LHS Macy Allgood, Mr. LHS Jonah Hobbs, Addison Alexander, Maya Kennedy. Image provided by Rachel Oesch Willeford.

LaFayette Georgia High School students celebrated Honors Day on Friday, May 18th.

As part of the program “Mr. and Miss LaFayette High School ” are chosen by the student body and acknowledged during the program, according to the school.

This year “Miss LHS” was unable to attend as she is suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Macy Allgood was diagnosed with Uterine Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer on Valentine’s Day. Since then she has been battling the disease.

LaFayette High School says Allgood was too ill to attend Friday’s Awards program and did not know that she had won “Miss LHS”.

After the program “Mr. LHS” and fellow “Miss LHS” candidates personally delivered the news to her at her mother’s restaurant.

“This is just one example of the heart of the student body at our school,” says Guidance Counselor Zach Reynolds. Assistant Principal Maggie Stultz says the student body has banded together since Allgood’s diagnosis and done all they can to help support her and her family. “Your senior year is supposed to be filled with happy memories and we want to make sure Macy has some of those!”