Police use taser on man who jumped fence at USMNT soccer match

taze 1.jpg

It was an eventful night at Finley Stadium, both for the United States Men's National Soccer team and the Chattanooga Police.

Police say they had to taze a Florida man who tried to run onto the field during the game.

The man reportedly ran onto the field just after team USA scored the goal that ended up winning the game.

In a video posted to Twitter, you can see the man running from police.

He tries to jump into the stadium but it denied.

He runs and jumps over the fence and then falls to the ground as police shoot him with the taser.

Police say EMS was called to remove the taser probes, but the suspect refused medical treatment.

The suspect was identified as Thomas Budz of Florida.

He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

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