Chattahooligans are back; CFC take on first-ever MLS opponent

CFC fans.JPG
CFC fans come together early in the year for their game against MLS franchise Atlanta United F.C. Image WTVC

After receiving national attention earlier in the month from the United States Men's National Team, Finley Stadium hosted another historic soccer game. And with any Chattanooga F.C. game., you can always count on the "Chattahooligans" to follow.

The boys in blue took on the newly established Atlanta United F.C., an MLS expansion team, who made their franchise debut Saturday night at Finley. This was the first time Harrison Hawthorne saw C.F.C. in action.

"It's Atlanta United's first game," he said. "But C.F.C. is gonna win."

It's also the team's first game ever against a Major League Soccer franchise. The Chattahooligans couldn't embrace it more.

"To see a local sports team here doing so well, especially a soccer team, is awesome," said soccer fan Kellan McGowan.

For Atlanta fans, a little distance didn't stop them from witnessing hometown history.

"I got excited knowing 2 hours away, I could go see the first game of Atlanta United," said Atlanta fan Greg Young.

Some soccer fans drove as far as 14 hours to watch this game. Andrew Stewart said a project he's working on, made him pay attention to Chattanooga.

"I want to grow soccer in the U.S.," he said. "I go to games, I try to film the soccer culture and how it's happening."

Many things were new in Chattanooga Saturday night, but the soccer culture certainly wasn't.

"The atmosphere, the aura, the power, it's gonna be good," said Hawthorne. "It's gonna be good."

C.F.C. lost the game 4-0 to the MLS team. Atlanta United scored two goals each half, marking their first-ever win as a franchise.