3rd suspect arrested in Chattahooligans trailer theft, accused in other trailer theft

L-R Aaron Chippoletti, William Johns, Erika Mays arrested in Chattahooligans trailer theft - Hamilton Co. Jail, WTVC.png
(L-R) Aaron Chippoletti, William Johns, and Erika Mays have been charged in the theft of a Chattahooligans trailer earlier in January. (Images: Hamilton Co. Jail, WTVC)

UPDATE (January 28th):

Chattanooga Police say they've arrested a third man in the theft of a trailer from the Chattahooligans - and officers say this isn't the only trailer he's accused of stealing.

A police affidavit says William Rupert Johns was arrested Monday, Jan. 27 at his home and charged with the following:

  • Theft over $10,000
  • Theft of property over $10,000
  • Altering manufacturer's identification number
  • Theft of property

According to the affidavit, on Dec. 30, a man reported his 15-foot trailer stolen from his work site on Manufacturer's Road. The enclosed trailer had concrete equipment, a generator, and other construction equipment inside, and was valued at around $30,000.

Police say video showed a silver Toyota Sequoia leaving the scene with the trailer, but at that point they didn't have any leads on who did it.

That is, until the Chattahooligans trailer was stolen in early January.

According to the affidavit, once police arrested Aaron Chippoletti and Erika Mays, the two suspects told them Johns had been the driver in that theft. Police also learned that Johns' family owned a silver Toyota Sequoia.

Based on corroborating evidence and interviews, police issued a warrant for Johns' arrest and took him into custody Monday. Police say they found some of the stolen construction equipment in Johns' garage.

Chattanooga Police spokeswoman Elisa Myzal says some of the Chattahooligans items have also been recovered.

Johns is set to appear in court on Feb. 18. Chippoletti and Mays have court dates set for Feb. 4.

Depend on us to update you as we learn more.

PREVIOUSLY (January 23rd):

A police affidavit obtained by NewsChannel 9 reveals that suspect Aaron Chippoletti tried to sell the trailer on Facebook Marketplace.

The owner of the trailer, Shelly Ayers, was tipped off about the post by a man named Austin Redden. Ayers contacted authorities, who reached out to Redden. Redden shared the interaction he had with Chippoletti about buying the trailer.

Redden told police he had planned to meet with Chippoletti to officially buy the trailer on January 10th, but Chippoletti didn't show.

The affidavit says Redden later saw the news about the stolen trailer.

On January 15th, police were tipped off that the trailer had been recovered in Catoosa County, with the help of a verification of its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Another man, Robert Tucker, ended up buying the trailer, and then, believing it had been stolen, Tucker contacted authorities. Tucker told police he bought the trailer, not knowing its history, for $1,150.

Documentation for the sale of the trailer showed Chippoletti's signature as the seller, and Mays' signature as the witness.

Ayers was able to recover the trailer, even though it was empty.

The search continues for the contents of the trailer.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

PREVIOUSLY (January 22):

Chattanooga Police spokesperson Elisa Myzal says around 8 p.m. Wednesday night, CPD Neighborhood Policing Officers arrested Aaron Chippoletti and Erika Mays.

They have both been charged with theft over $10,000, and were taken to Hamilton County Jail.

PREVIOUSLY (January 21):

Chattanooga Police are searching for man and woman they say are responsible for stealing a Chattahooligans trailer and its contents.

On Tuesday, police identified the suspects as Aaron Chippoletti and Erika D. Mays, both 28 years old.

Police say the Chattahooligans trailer was found last week, but it was empty. The Chattahooligans say nearly all of their gameday supplies had been inside.

CPD says Chippoletti and Mays were last seen driving a grey or silver Toyota Sequoia with front-end damage and tape over one of the brake lights.

If you've seen Chippoletti and Mays, or have more information on the theft, please call CPD's Auto Crimes unit at 423-643-5394.

PREVIOUSLY (January 16):

Chattanooga Police tell NewsChannel 9 that the stolen Chattahooligans trailer was located and recovered on Wednesday.

Police say the trailer was empty when it was found, meaning that the Chattahooligans will need to create a new batch of banners and other gameday items.

On Twitter, the Chattahooligan account said "We remain hopeful that our tailgate supplies, banners, and merchandise will be located somewhere."

Depend on us to keep you posted.

ORIGINAL STORY (January 13):

The Chattahooligans, the mega-fan supporters of the Chattanooga Football Club, say that someone has stolen a trailer containing "nearly everything of our gameday supplies."

Andrew Bresee, a member of the group, says the trailer was stolen from behind the Chattanooga Brewing Company late Friday night.

Among the items inside the trailer: a grill, warming dishes, plates and utensils, merchandise (excluding ugly beanies), and "every hand-painted banner we've ever created."

In a thread on Twitter, the Chattahooligans say the gear represents five years of "supporting the greatest club in the world."

The dollar loss estimate is $18,000 in merchandise and supplies.

The Chattahooligans say while they may have lost a lot from this dispiriting incident, their spirit for the team remains high.

"Although this is obviously a major setback for our supporters group, we will not let that stop us from beginning to replace what can be replaced and start preparations for the 2020 season as Chattanooga FC takes the field for its first professional campaign."

The group has set up a PayPal account for fans to donate to replace the lost items.

They also ask fans to keep an eye out for the trailer. The group has filed a police report.

Bresee says he hopes their merchandise is found by the start of the team's regular season in early March.

We will keep you posted on this developing story.