Sideline Wrapup Matchup: A "Twin" Billing

Silverdale senior defensive lineman Dixon Riggins is 15 minutes younger than his twin who plays offensive line for the Seahawks. PHOTO: WTVC SPORTS

Mirror images reflect on each side of the ball at Silverdale Academy. Senior Dawson Riggins plays on the offensive line. His identical twin Dixon plays on the defensive line. Dixon Riggins said they're almost always together, "Unless we have a different class, we're usually always around each other, like in school, outside of school, we're usually always around each other."

Dawson is 15 minutes older and their personalities are different. But the twin's character is the same. Silverdale coach Mike Connor elaborated, "When I think of the profile of the type of kid I want to come out of my program, they represent it well."

When the twins were almost four years old, they lost their mother Karen to cancer. Their father Darryl, who coaches running backs at Silverdale, has been a single parent ever since.

They are the three amigos. Dixon said, "It's really brought us a lot closer together because we've all been each other's ride or die. We've all just been really tight. Football has really brought us closer together as a family."

And the influence of their mother still lives. Dawson Riggins explained, "One thing we can do, in, you know as believers we can show people that even though bad things can happen in your life, there's still goodness in God."

Silverdale's opponent Chattanooga Christian has two sets of twins. Sophomore running back Javoris Havis is two minutes younger than his defensive end brother Devoris. The brothers breathe football. Jevoris said they can't get enough of it. "All the time. 24/7. In the morning, we come, it's football, get outta practice, talking football."

Javoris is faster while Devoris is bigger. But like twins do, they help each other. Javoris said, "Me, when I have to block dudes way bigger than me, so he helps me with that. And speedwise, I help him with that, you know catching running backs and stuff like that."

Come Friday night, a total of three sets of twins will be on the field at Chattanooga Christian, making for a twin billing.