Friday Night Rivals Sideline Wrapup Impact Game through the eyes of special player

Eli Evans.PNG
Eli Evans is legally blind in his left eye, but that condition doesn't limit the senior Boyd Buchanan wide receiver and defensive back. PHOTO: WTVC SPORTS

Boyd Buchanan senior Eli Evans plays in the secondary and is a wide receiver for the Buccaneers. And Evans has only one good eye. "I was born like that. It's where my brain hasn't connected to the eye. It's been hard in every sport that I do," Evans said.

He has severe amblyopia in his left eye, leaving him with 20/200 vision and diminished peripheral vision and depth perception. But his outlook is crystal clear. "There's some people who are blind in both eyes and I'm grateful that I can see out of one at least."

His team has gone from (0-10) last year to (3-0) this season.

Evans can clearly see new coach Jeremy Bosken has made a difference. "He doesn't let you take a play off, He won't take a play off coaching, so he's not going to let us take a play off," Evans noted.

Coach Bosken humbly declines taking any credit. Bosken's a former Marine who uses his military skills to shape the Bucs. "The small unit leadership is kind of a lot of what we build around. That's kind of how we organize our team. We kind of organize it in like little small platoons," Bosken said.

Chattanooga Christian turns to a military analogy as they prep for the undefeated Buccaneers. Coach Mark Mariakis sees the touch schedule the Chargers have already played as an asset. "Both of us are looking for enough wins to make the playoffs. We've got our hands full, but yeah our kids have come through a pretty good little gauntlet of McCallie, Baylor, Whitwell so we feel like we're battle tested," Mariakis said.

Chattanooga Christian is not a big team, but they are fast. Running backs Roderick Young. Trayveon "Tink" Scott, JaMichael Baxter and Javoris Habis will carry the ball. "We feel like we got four running backs for three positions that run the ball hard. They've got good speed when they get in space."

Boyd Buchanan at Chattanooga Christian is our Friday Night Rivals Sideline Wrapup Impact Game. Highlights on FoxChattanooga at 10:00 and on NewsChannel 9 at 11:00 Friday night.

Don't forget our Friday Night Rivals *Broadcast Game: Bradley Central at Ooltewah. The game will be broadcast on the CW Chattanooga. Pregame is at 7:00 PM Friday and kickoff at 7:30 PM.