Grant Williams testing NBA waters

Grant Williams.jpg
Junior Grant Williams introduced before a game in the 2018-19 season. Photo

One day after the Tennessee Vols won the battle with UCLA over Rick Barnes, another story breaks.

Grant Williams has decided he will test the waters in the NBA while exercising his option to return for his senior season.

Under new rules, players are allowed to sign with an agent but still return to school.

Williams says he is simply starting the process and filling out the paperwork and seeking information.

He has not yet forgone his senior season.

The junior from Charlotte, North Carolina was a go-to guy for the Vols throughout the season.

His roommate Jordan Bone has taken the same approach.

When asked if Bone's final decision might impact his, Williams said, "Sure, if Bone stays, that's huge because it adds a little bit to it. I always wanted to go into it with the most informed decision-making that I can. I have until May 29 to decide, and that's a short, but a long time away. I want to gather as much information as possible in order to make the best decision for myself."