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Local coaches react to Governor Lee's plan for high school contact sports

Walker Valley High School football team - Stephanie LaChance WTVC 7.29.20 photo.jpeg
Walker Valley High School football team meets for practice. (Image: Stephanie LaChance WTVC)

On Tuesday night, Governor Bill Lee announced his plans for a new executive order that would allow contact sports at the state's high schools.

“The executive order will allow contact sports to resume in Tennessee schools. We worked with TSSAA to coordinate framework so football season and soccer season can begin,” Governor Lee said.

Drew Akins, head football coach of the Walker Valley High School football team said the past few months haven’t been easy and that they have been waiting for the Governor’s approval.

“It’s been a roller coaster,” Akins said.

He said hearing Governor Lee announce the news was the good news they needed to hear.

“Yesterday was a bright shining light so that changes the trajectory of where we have been.”

Akins said every player on his team needs to have personal responsibility.

“You gotta make great decisions for this football team,” Akins said.

Akins acknowledged to the team how some seniors are being given their last chance to play the game they love.

“Seniors, how close it was to be taken away, understand it now, take advantage that what you just been God given,” Akins said.

Brody Swafford, an incoming senior, says every player can impact the health of the whole team.

“We need to be smart about who we hang out with, we need to know who are friends have been in contact with,” says Swafford.

Depend on us to keep you posted as we learn more.