Gordon Lee basketball player beating cancer with a smile and love from all over

Macy Last Infusion.jpg
Gordon Lee sophomore Macy Sharp received her last chemotherapy infusion late last month. Sharp said she found out last Wednesday she's "cancer free." PHOTO: Courtesy "Mo" Orr

A supportive crowd filled the main banquet hall at The Colonnade Center in Ringgold Thursday night. They came out in support of a very brave soul, Gordon Lee basketball player Macy Sharp. Last summer she started developing symptoms and went to a doctor, then a neurosurgeon.

The energetic and always smiling sophomore had non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Her basketball season soon came to a close. "Not being able to play this season kind of kept me down, it was hard to stay up," Sharp said.

But she stayed with the team, watching all the home games. And she had tremendous support. Her mother's eyes misted up when she reflected on what the teenagers of north Georgia did for her daughter, "What gets my heart the most is the love behind us of the children, of the kids. The high schools, they've sold bracelets, they've done drives, they've sold t-shirts," "Mo" Orr said.

At Thursday night's benefit dinner and concert, Sharp's basketball teammates served dinner. The bubbly sophomore said the generosity expanded beyond her team. "It makes me feel so loved. Because it's not only just Gordon Lee and Ringgold. It's also Lakeview. Lakeview's helped a lot too."

The Ringgold based Hope for the Hometown Heroes promotion company put the fund raiser together. All money raised goes to Sharp's medical bills and associated expenses.

Last week, she received incredible news. "I am cancer free as of last Wednesday," Sharp said with an electric smile. Her mother has a joy filling her heart. "When you look back at it now, after you get that clear prognosis that she has no more cancer, you look back and you're like, "Wow, how did I get through that?'"

But Macy did. With a million dollar smile and love from all over north Georgia.