Dayton, TN's own Andy Morgan wins the 2019 MLF Bass Pro Tour Stage Four Tournament


Sunday was the final day of the Major Fishing League Pro Bass Tournament on the Chickamauga Lake.

The competition kicked off on Tuesday, with 80 of the world’s top anglers fishing for the stage four championship title.

Only ten anglers were left today, several of whom were locals guys, no stranger to the lake.

The day got off to a late start after a line of thunderstorms rolled through, early Sunday morning .

High winds and choppy water didn't deter the fishermen from competing.

MLF training manager, Aaron Beshears, took News Channel 9's Taylor Stewart, out on the water to check out the conditions.

Beshears says, he's found "sections of this lake that’ll have 6 foot swells cause the wind is going against the current."

After a week, that Andy Morgan says got off to a rough start, today's weather conditions seemed heaven sent.

Today, Andy was named the 2019 Pro Bass Stage 4 Champion.

He says, "The good Lord said 'look here boy if you screw this all up today it’s all on you because I gave you everything you need.'"

Andy says timing and knowledge of the lake, made all the difference in his performance today.

He adds, "I knew this was my opportunity, I wanted to win one more tournament on Chickamaga before I die... and I got all of my family here."

Andy's dad, Mark Morgan, was a especially proud of him, but it wasn't the trophy or even the win that made Mark smile.

He was pleased with his son's reaction after winning, "the thing that I really liked, more than anything, is in the end is when he tipped his hat to the Lord."

Andy walked home with the trophy and 100 thousand dollars. Everyone one who competed won some money.

You can catch the highlights here.

The full program will air in October on the Discovery Channel.