Dalton's Omar Hernandez named Gatorade National Boys Soccer Player of the Year

Dalton High soccer star Omar Hernandez holds the 2019 Gatorade National Boys Soccer Player of the Year Trophy. Hernandez received the award on Tuesday. PHOTO: WTVC SPORTS

Omar Hernandez is now in the company of Peyton Manning, Lebron James, Abby Wambach and Derek Jeter.

Gatorade named the Dalton High Soccer star its National Boys Soccer Player of the Year, just like those other athletes in their respective sports.

Hernandez was born in Dalton and is one of five children. He drove his parents to work before going to school each day.

He hopes to provide for them by turning pro. Hernandez led his team to a 23-0 record and a 6A state championship.

The Catamounts were also ranked number one in the country by USA Today and Top Drawer Soccer at times during the season. His coaches describe him as "humble, hard-working and dedicated."

He broke the Catamounts scoring and assist records. And he bases his game on an unselfish nature. Hernandez said, "What made me win this award is my unselfishness, leading the team, leading other players and having the ability to score and set other people up where they can shine as well, or then can do their thing as well. Just giving them the pass, motivating them every day and telling them, 'Hey, you can become something too.'"

The Cataomounts coaching staff said Hernandez' work ethic is legendary.

Assistant coach Blair Chlebisch held his hand above his head when describing the work ethic of the beloved player. "His work ethic, his bar that he sets for everybody is up here. And everybody wants to strive to hit that bar and even future teams coming through, they know Omar, they know what he's done for this team, done for this school and for the sports," Chlebisch said.

Hernandez will go to Los Angleles for the ESPY Awards and the red carpet treatment in July.

Peyton Manning will be one of the featured speakers.

After that, he will attend and play soccer at Wake Forest University.

Hernandez graduated Dalton High School with a 3.30 GPA.