Ooltewah High School head football coach Mac Bryan resigns

Mac Bryan.png
Mac Bryan resigned as{ } Ooltewah High School's head coach. (Image: WTVC)

NewsChannel 9 confirmed Monday morning that Mac Bryan, head football coach at Ooltewah High School, has resigned.

Bryan is leaving for personal reasons, primarily to be closer to his mother in North Carolina.

Last season, his father passed away and is living alone.

High School Sports Zone sports reporter Dave Keylon confirmed through a source inside Ooltewah High's athletic program that Bryan is taking on a new job in Avery County, North Carolina, where he will be head football coach and assistant county athletic director.

Avery County is about 60 miles away from Bryan's mother.

"I'm happy for him," said Ooltewah-Athletics Director Brad Jackson, who later officially confirmed the report. "He's going to be closer to his mother. He had a very successful time here in Ooltewah. We here at Ooltewah High School are nothing but pleased for him."

Bryan coached the Owl for five seasons and compiled a 45-16 record, including one undefeated regular season.

Under Bryan, the team reached the state quarterfinals twice. He grew the program to about 130 players.

Bryan told NewsChannel 9 "It was a good program before I got'll be a good program after I'm gone...I'm going to miss it, I am."

He broke the news to his team Monday morning.

Jackson said "within five minutes" of the news breaking, potential replacement coaches had already contacted the school.