Northwest Whitfield graduates and Redcoat Band Members marching in Rose Bowl

Four UGA Redcoat Marching Band members all graduated from Northwest Whitfield High School. All four will march in the Rose Bowl and Parade. (Image: Regina Sanders)


Regina Sanders, the mother of one of the band members, shared these pictures with us from the parade:

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Four Northwest Whitfield graduates are headed to the Rose Bowl.

That's because all of them are in UGA's Redcoat Marching Band.

They expect memories never before matched.

All of them play different instruments but the pride in marching keeps their friendship strong.

For Molly Massingill, it's her first trip to California and first time on a plane.

All of them say it's a dream come true.

They're not all the same age, but crossed over with one another in the marching band at Northwest.

Will Broadwater and Justin Smith go back 15 years. Smith said this experience will only add to their friendship, "We're rooming together over there, so just a good bonding experience. That's my best friend for life right there. We'll be able to talk about this when we're 60 years old."