Chasing the Finish Line: Meet Ralston Maloney from Guyana

Ral on bike ironman 2015 cover.jpg
Chasing the Finish Line

Over 60 years old and a native of Guyana, Ralston Maloney is continuing his journey as a triathlete in the Scenic City.

A first time competitor in this year's Waterfront Triathlon, Maloney is relatively new to the triathlon scene tackling the 2015 Ironman in Chattanooga for his first big event.

The exciting yet humbling experience is what drives him today to continue the swim, bike and run sequence for a total of 53.5K.

He has a team of supporters from his wife Norma and her LoAdebar creation to keep her husband fueled, to his children, grandchildren, coach and fellow participants.

Ralston Maloney will spend the next six weeks training for the June 26th event and you can follow along right here, and check him out during GMC FOX Edition Monday morning's 7AM-9AM on FOX Chattanooga.