A closer look at the role players for Tyner and Signal Mountain basketball

Kameron Dozier.PNG
Tyner senior Kameron Dozier doesn't typically light up the scoreboard, but his coach said he is a pivotal player and leader for the Rams. PHOTO: WTVC SPORTS

In every sport, the stars, of course, get the attention. But seldom do the role players.

However, Tyner and Signal Mountain each have a role player that proves to be the glue for their teams.

Tyner is on a roll this season, but you may not know about one player, senior Kameron Dozier. Tyner coach E'jay Ward said he is very proud of Dozier and what he does for the Rams. "He has embraced his role this year. He doesn't score a lot of points for us, but he does the little things that don't show up in the stat book. You know, hustle for plays, lock down defender and he's been really setting the tone for us this year defensively," Ward said.

Dozier looks at his contribution as clear cut, "I just do whatever to help my team win. I like to be the leader. Every little thing counts." Dozier holds a 3.2 GPA and scored well on his ACT. He's headed to Tennessee as a regular student and wants to make the most of his senior year at Tyner. "My sophomore year I went out with an injury. I don't know how it feels to play on a state floor. But I know we went, I helped out to go to the state. But this year, we want to actually get there and we want to win it all."

At Signal Mountain, junior Ben Burns guides the offense from his point guard position. Coach Steve Redman commented, "He's a really good ball player and he's done a really good job for us."

But Burns' first love is golf. He holds a one handicap, was part of Signal's undefeated state championship team and finished top 10 in the state all three years.

He sees a mental carry over from golf to basketball. "I personally think golf's probably the hardest mental game but you could argue any of it, you know the mental toughness is so important in every sport." His coach added, "He's cerebral and he's just fearless. Biggest thing in our district is that you can't be scared. And as a player, he's not."