Stroke victim's rehab inspired by love for fishing

fishing_rehab -OMNI Rehab.jpg
An inspirational from OMNI Rehab in Rhea County about how one man's love for fishing inspired his rehabilition from a debilitating stroke. (Image courtesy OMNI Rehab)

Some would say that a stroke can be one of the most debilitating maladies that can happen to man or woman. Your mind is all there with a passionate desire to continuing doing the things you've always done. However the body is robbed of the ability to execute those desires.

That is where good rehabilitation comes in. The success of the rehab can be dictated by the severity of the stroke. But every therapist would agree that an individual's desire to get better also pays a large part.

For Chuck, a stroke victim from Rhea County, the desire was to fish again. Whether healthy or not, if you want to be inspired to fish or do anything else, watch Chuck's story from OMNI Rehab in Rhea County, Tenn.