WATCH: Woman pays for stranger's full cart of groceries

Walmart angel 2.png
Woman pays for stranger's full cart of groceries at a San Antonio Walmart. (Facebook/Anna Olivarez)

SAN ANTONIO (KABB/WOAI) - A woman is searching for a Good Samaritan who helped out a man in need while in the checkout line at a Walmart store.

Anna Olivarez said she was in line at a Walmart store on Loop 1604 when a woman behind her stepped up to pay for a man's groceries.

His card had been declined a few times and that's when the woman walked up and swiped her own card to help the stranger who had a full cart of groceries.

"I just noticed one of the customers come up and I thought she was going to ask for the manager to kind of speed along the process, but no, she just whipped out her wallet and paid for the groceries," said Olivarez. "It was just really nice to see that and then I saw them embrace each other with a sweet little hug."

Olivarez said she and others were moved by the random act of kindness and captured their hug on video. She posted the video on social media and it has been shared nationwide.

She says she hopes it inspires others to take part in random acts of kindness.