North Carolina boy beats cancer days before the new year

Jayce Glossner (WPDE)
North Carolina boy beats cancer days before the new year (WPDE)

SCOTLAND COUNTY, N.C. (WPDE) - A Scotland County boy whose battle with cancer has been followed by millions of people around the world beat the disease just in time for the new year.

Four-year-old Jayce Glossner was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer in March. Doctors performed emergency surgery after they discovered a softball-size tumor that had ruptured.

"It's what they call a Wilms tumor," father Joey Glossner explained. "The sack that the tumor was in busted off his kidney and all the cancer cells went leaking throughout his body."

Nine months and nine chemotherapy cycles later, most of them during a month-long stay at UNC Children's Hospital in December, Jayce has been declared cancer-free.

"They called me in for a meeting," Joey recalled, choking up. "Usually my doctors don't do this. When they told me Jayce was cancer-free my heart was full again."

On December 30, Jayce drove a toy tank down the hospital's hallway and rang the bell mounted to the wall, signaling his fight was over.

"We rang a mess out of it," Joey said to Jayce. "What did Daddy tell you? I wanted you to snatch it off the wall, didn't I?"

Jayce enthusiastically nodded his head.

The boy will continue to see doctors four times per year to screen for any recurrence until he's seven. He's also fighting off a lung infection.

Joey thanked their team of doctors multiple times over the course of the afternoon, as well as all the people who have supported them on social media and on GoFundMe.

"People around the world, we thank you for the love and support," he said.