Rare Kemp's Ridley sea turtle nests on Florida beach

Rare Kemp's Ridley sea turtle nests on Pensacola Beach (Escambia County)

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WEAR) -- Pensacola Beach visitors were treated to an exciting sight Tuesday.

A female Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle crawled ashore to nest and lay her eggs, Escambia County says. She is the third turtle to nest on Escambia County Beaches this season.

Two loggerhead nests were recorded earlier this week.

“She dug a hole about 1.5 to 2 feet deep and when she got down in the hole she laid about 50-100 eggs. She used her flippers to cover the eggs with sand so you can’t see them and then she headed back to the water. She may come back up," said Brenda Sexton, sea turtle volunteer of approximately 10 years. "Some of them come back up two or three times laying eggs and then they are exhausted and they go back home for two or three years. It’s kinda cool."

You can watch a video of the nesting turtle here.