Man rides horse on major highway in Chicago

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Man rides horse on major highway in Chicago (WLS/CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (SBG) – Motorists on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago were caught by surprise Monday afternoon when they saw a man riding a horse. Yes, really.

WLS-TV has identified the individual involved as Adam Hollingsworth, known on social media as "Dreadhead Cowboy."

Hollingsworth rode the horse alongside motorcyclists and police officers who were following him at a slow speed. Eventually, he was seen being taken into custody by police. It is unknown what police will be doing with the horse, where it came from or who it is owned by.

The horse galloped at a constant speed of 10-12 miles per hour and peaked at 15 miles per hour, according to WLS-TV.

Hollingsworth posted a Facebook video as he was riding the horse and declared in the clip, "Kids lives' matter." Hollingsworth also live streamed himself on Facebook from what appeared to be the back of a police vehicle.

A second man, Darron Luster, 55, was also arrested after he took control of Hollingsworth's horse. Police asked him to release the horse and Luster refused. He was taken into custody for Obstruction and Resisting Arrest.

The self-proclaimed "Dreadhead Cowboy" was profiled in The New York Times back in July. According to the profile, Hollingsworth owns four horses. He says in the profile that he rides horses around Chicago to expand the definition of Black masculinity and spread a message of unity. Hollingsworth told the publication that he enjoys bringing smiles and joy to younger black and Latino children.

“I didn’t have my father in my life,” he told The New York Times. “To have a kid say I’m their hero, it melts my heart.”