Whitfield County calls for more poll workers as 30 opt out due to COVID concerns

Whitfield county election workers catch covid.PNG
(Image: WTVC file photo)

In Whitfield County, the elections commission is trying to stockpile workers as we're told that 30 of their workers have opted out due to COVID-19 concerns.

According to registrar Mary Hammontree, they now have 180 election workers for 140 positions, and they're continuing to hire more that apply.

"I wanna keep hiring so that I’ll have more people to put out there in case the numbers do go up with my poll workers and I do lose more," says Hammontree.

The numbers have gone up across Whitfield County, according to Dr. Zachary Taylor, health director with the North Georgia Health District. The state's Department of Public Health says Whitfield County has seen more than 4,300 cases to date, but Dr. Taylor tells us the rate of increase is slowing down.

Hammontree says four workers in the polling precinct have tested positive for the virus.

Back in August, several counties were having to wait until the final days before primaries to see if they would have enough workers t be at the polls due to COVID concerns.

With the upcoming November election, at least in Whitfield County, they aren't seeming to have any problems finding more employees.

Hammontree says that a younger, college-aged crowd has stepped up and taken many of the needed polling spots as applications continue to pour in.

November 3rd is the day the Whitfield County election commission has circled on their calendars. As more COVID cases continue to be reported in the county, Hammontree is hopeful that enough election workers can remain healthy to adequately staff precints.

For now, the plan is to continue to hire more people just in case more do get sick and are unable to work.