'We are looking for a superstar': American Idol auditions in the Scenic City

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People auditioned for American Idol in Chattanooga Tuesday. (Image: WTVC)

More than 1,000 people came to audition for American Idol in Chattanooga Tuesday.

"It's been my dream since I was four years old," Alana Paige Wilson said.

The 17-year-old drove four hours from West Tennessee to audition.

"I am nervous, super nervous, but I'm excited," Wilson said. "The worst thing they could do is tell me no try again later."

Alana Paige's mom Tonya came to support her daughter.

"I told her I said don't be nervous, just do your best," Tonya said. "This is a once in a lifetime experience if you make it or you don't you'll always remember this."

We caught up with Hailey Dawn, 17, just as she was about to perform for producers.

"I'm so nervous but I've been working my whole life for this, just to get on, the chance to get some experience would be amazing."

She didn't get the news she wanted to hear, but she's keeping a good attitude.

"Not what they're looking for, but there's always next year and I'm from Nashville so there's always plenty of places to play."

Boyfriend and girlfriend Kyra Hunter and Laurin Hunter both made it through.

"We're really excited, we didn't really know what to expect coming here so it's cool that we both got to make it through and experience that," Kyra said.

Kyra made it to Hollywood week last year.

"I think I have a better handle on things and know what to expect so I feel a little bit more confident."

Patrick Lynn, a senior producer for American Idol, says they're looking for someone with the right voice of course, but also personality and stage presence.

"We are looking for a superstar," Lynn said. "We try to tell people all the time don't just stand there and sing, it's not just about the voice, it's about your personality, about who you are, it's about your stage presence, it's about a hundred different things."

Lynn said he's been working to bring auditions to Chattanooga since 2003, and he's happy with what he saw here.

"I think the American Idol could come from anywhere, will that person come from Chattanooga, well since I had a hand in choosing the city I'm a little biased I'm going to say yes."

Sadly our Chattanooga Idol Tyler Robinson did not make it though this round. People who did not make it through in Chattanooga are eligible to audition again in another city.

For those that did, they will move on to Atlanta to audition in front of executive producers. If they make it through that round, they're headed to meet the judges.