Baby whose family fought for second opinion is now home after successful procedure

Crew Ingle home from hospital after successful procedure - Ingle family.png
Crew Ingle is now home from the hospital after a successful procedure. (Image used with permission of Ingle family)

UPDATE (August 14):

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WTVC) — A little boy whose mother fought for a second opinion is now home with his family for the first time since he was born.

Crew Ingle has Down syndrome, and was also born with respiratory issues.

His mother, Ellie, says, "The medical team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital ran several tests and a procedure to evaluate and repair Crew’s airways. Their expert advise and care allowed Crew to be acceptable to return to his HOME here in Chattanooga! Crew will continue to see the doctors in Cincinnati for follow up visits."

The Ingles fought for Crew to be transported to Cincinnati from Children's Hospital at Erlanger where doctors specialize in his type of care, but their insurance company initially denied the transport.

See our previous report with the Ingles family below.


Breathing tubes and the NICU nurses have been Crew Ingles' reality for his entire 148 days.

He has Down syndrome and a respiratory condition that requires round the clock care.

His parents Ellie and Josh Ingle say they are trying to bring their baby home.

The Ingles say doctors at Erlanger are recommending Crew have a tracheotomy, which would involve placing a tube in Crew's windpipe and around the clock care at home.

But Ellie says there's another option.

"I believe his quality of life definitely could be improved and better over the next months, years and in his life if we can get him to a specialist."

In a letter to the Ingles, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Doctor Michael Rutter says it is in Crew's best interest to travel to their facility for evaluation and treatment, where a less invasive surgery may be an option.

But, for a month, the Ingles insurance provider repeatedly denied Crew's transport.

"I thought that's what having health insurance was for," Josh says.

Josh works for Dade County Schools and carries Crew's insurance through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

An email from Anthem to the parents shows they believed the transfer is what Crew's mother wants, not physicians.

Ellie says she feels like they're wasting precious time.

"I feel like he could have been home if we had him the specialists already and not been sitting around and waiting."

After hearing their story, we reached out to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield ourselves.

Two days of emails later, Anthem seemed to change their tune.

In a letter to us, the insurance provided said, "After reviewing the new information provided earlier today by the member, Anthem has approved air ambulatory transportation."

The Ingles say they are more than excited to bring Crew home to play with the rest of the family.

"Once he gets home, Crew has three older brothers," Josh says. "Once he gets home, that will be the best physical therapy that he can receive, just trying to keep up with his brothers."

Erlanger is now working with Cincinnati to make Crew's transportation happen. Once he gets to Cincinnati, Crew's parents say doctors will evaluate him and work to set a surgery date.

After multiple petitions and many prayers, this little boy is on his way to get the care his parents fought so hard for.