Terrell Owens HOF Speech: "This is for you"

terrell and mom.PNG
Terrell Owens hugs his mother after she places the "Gold Jacket" on her son. Owens held his own Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony after choosing to skip the Canton, Ohio ceremony. PHOTO: WTVC Sports.

An emotional Terrell Owens gave his own Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech at UTC, his alma mater.

The theme, "this is for you."

At the ceremony, Owens explained why he chose UTC instead of Canton, Ohio.

Owens said it wasn't about being passed over the first two years he was eligible.

But it was more about sports writers who didn't follow the criteria and protocol for players entering the Hall.

To a standing ovation, Owens said he chose Chattanooga over Canton out of "courage."

His former receiver coaches with UTC, San Francisco and Dallas all cited his tenacious work ethic and passion for the game.

His basketball coach at UTC, Mack McCarthy, talked about his relentless effort.

His mother placed the Gold Jacket on him and the emotions came.

He thanked countless people, but it was clear his mother and late grandmother had the biggest influence.

You'll see his tribute in this video.