Stockings Full of Love helps Catoosa families during holidays

catoosa gifts.jpg
Stockings of Love is now in its 30th year in Catoosa County. (Image: WTVC)

For many, money is always tighter around the holidays.

But thanks to some generous people in Catoosa County, some families don't have to pick between paying bills or buying presents.

Amanda Ray is a mother of four. Before today, she wasn't sure how she was going to make Christmas happen.

"We really can't afford anything. It all goes to the bills. Just making sure they have food in their bellies, a roof over their head, and power," Ray said.

Stockings Full of Love is now in its 30th year. Sheriff Gary Sisk says its all due to the giving spirit of the community.

"We've signed up a little over 1,150 children in Catoosa County, and that equates to a little over 400 families," Sisk said.

The amount of donations was so great, moms like Candice Harper could barely believe her eyes.

"I wasn't expecting that much, and then the food, it really helped us out a lot," Harper said.

The food was a new addition this year, thanks to the Rinnggold Telephone Company.

"I think we just didn't realize how much need there was in the community. We have a lot of hungry kids here," Marcy Kernea said.

With kids out of school, these meals also feed students who normally get free or reduced lunches.