Security prepares for IRONMAN World Championships

IRONMAN security.png
The Women’s and Men’s IRONMAN World Championships are Saturday and Sunday in Chattanooga.

The Women’s and Men’s IRONMAN World Championships are Saturday and Sunday in Chattanooga.

There are thousands of people from around the world expected, so it's all hands on deck for law enforcement.

IRONMAN officials said there are more than 4,000 competitors from more than 90 countries, and another 10,000 spectators expected to attend.

That’s why law enforcement want to make sure this year's security is air-tight

“There's over two dozen agencies involved in this,” Chattanooga Police Lt. Austin Garrett said.

Garrett said local, state and federal agencies all attended Friday’s security briefing.

And, you'll see all of them out and about this weekend.

Although law enforcement won't be revealing any tactical plans, Garrett did have a tip for drivers.

“Watch out for cyclists. The three-foot rule applies. Three foot rear, side and front,” he said.

Hamilton County Emergency Management Director Tony Reavley said Chattanooga will be the first city to ever host four IRONMAN events in the same year - something he says helps them fine-tune security plans.

“It gives us face time and familiarity with everybody and everyone else's capabilities, and what we can do and what resources we can pull upon,” Reavley said.

So, how do competitors feel about security at this year's Ironman World Championships?

Peg Brooks is from Madison Wisconsin. She says the security seems solid, but not overwhelming.

“I noticed there's a police presence, not a lot, but I felt safe with my bags and getting around. No problems at all,” Brooks said.

Meanwhile, Sylvain Bergeron is down from Montreal, Quebec.

He said, so far, so good.

“Everywhere I was, there was a lot of volunteers. There was a lot of signs, there was a lot of indication, even in the water when we are swimming, everywhere on the sites. Honestly, it's perfect so far,” Bergeron said.

Still, Garrett said everyone, competitors and spectators should follow the simple rule - see something, say something.

“It's encouraged that if you do see something suspicious that you deem suspicious, you call the police department's non-emergency number 423-698-2525.”