NC9 investigates: Signal Mountain man discovers unusual creature in yard

Hammerhead worm.png
Hammerhead worm.png

A man found an unusual creature in his Signal Mountain yard, and called NewsChannel 9 to do some research.

We brought it to an argiculturist to find out exactly what it was.

Tom Stebbins of the U.T. Institute of Agriculture says it's called a hammerhead worm. If you look closely you can see what makes the worm unique: its head.

Stebbins says the worm is a species native to the tropics.

He's seen the worm about four times in his 20 years with U.T.

He says they are an invasive species, because of what they like to eat.

"Like a vampire, they stick their mouth right inside the earth worm and just suck the juices right out of them."

But there's no reason to worry.

Stebbins says the worms won't have any negative effects. He plans to use the worms we brought him to teach his students about the species.