12 local last-minute gifts made in our hometown

12 ideas to buy your loved one at Christmas, made in your hometown.

With only three days before Christmas, if you haven't filled all your family's stockings, you're probably scrambling. Have no festive fear, we have some last minute ideas, all Made in Our Hometown, in our annual 12 gifts of Christmas list.

In the countdown to Christmas,

you don't have to look far

to find gifts made in our Hometown

that come in a box, or even a jar.

Chattanooga Butter makes their Southern favorite from a commercial kitchen in Brainerd. You can find them at Vinterest Antiques in Hixson or the Chattanooga Market.

If you want to give a touch of spring in the dead of winter, try a terrarium from America's Gardens on Dayton Boulevard.

And speaking of green, Weekly fig will deliver local fruits and vegetables to your loved one's door, some of their orders even come in, believe it or not, by pigeon!

From the old fashioned to a new way to mark memories, Chris Cummings says "Time is a precious thing and we never know how much time we have but doing this in incredibly important for you and for your family." His company, Pass it Down, gathers your family stories from your relatives through videos and handwritten cards, and creates an online album for your whole family.

You can probably find a quick and easy last minute gift on The House. The locally created app puts open tables at restaurants up for grabs mixed with food and drink specials.

If your secret Santa needs a little calm in their life, Wildflower Tea on the Southside can help. They mix up custom cups to soothe even the wildest nerves during the holiday season.

Soothing it may not be, but local artist Hollie Berry uses heat to spark her most creative canvases of wood using a blow torch to make her subjects come to life.

If wood isn't your thing, locally thrown pottery may be. Scenic City Clay Arts teaches those who want to create and makes pottery for you to purchase.

You don't have to look far to give beautiful music this holiday. Whether it's a digital download of the Woodstation Singers that comes with every Jack White children's book bought, or a custom strap for the guitar player in your life, made by Hangover Guitar Straps.

If you can't decide, a Locals Only Gift Box gives your loved ones options, all made in Our Hometown.

And finally, when the holiday meals are finished and the dishes cleared, it might be a plan for healthy eating that your loved one is craving. Fit+ will cook, package, and coordinate your pick up of portion controlled food to start the New Year in a slim state of mind..

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