Men claiming to be "God" evicted from Chattanooga nonprofit building

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Mercy Junction members wait for authorities to remove the men from the building. (Image: WTVC)


Members of the so-called "Church of Urth" have been evicted from a building owned by Mercy Junction.


An attorney representing Mercy Junction filed a writ of possession on Friday. Now the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office can forcibly remove two tenants from the building.

Mercy Junction rents out parts of its building to pay for its mission.

The director of Mercy Junction said the actions of the two tenants are keeping homeless people from receiving the services they need to survive.

Those tenants, Tyler Short and Ryan Holmes, call themselves co-founders of the Church of Urth and say they aren't leaving.

On Friday Mercy Junction attorney Robin Flores filed for a writ of possession in Hamilton County Court.

As of late Friday morning, the men are still occupying the building previously used to help Chattanooga's homeless. (We will keep you posted on that).

Upon inspection Friday morning, Mercy Junction's director Beth Foster thought the two had already vacated the building because their red mini van was gone.

However, Short briefly opened and closed the door with a key in his hand.

While waiting for HCSO to serve the writ, Foster called Chattanooga Police in an effort to get them to remove Short from the premises.

However, when CPD officers arrived, they said they would not be able to take action until HCSO arrived.

HCSO tells NewsChannel 9 they plan to execute the writ of possession, but they have not specific what time.

Late Friday morning, we spoke with Tyler Short. He told Ryan Holmes is not in the room with him and he doesn't know where Ryan is.

NewsChannel 9's Katherine Marchand is updating this story on Twitter as new developments come in.

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