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Hamilton Co. election board allows homeless mayoral candidate to stay on ballot

Image: WTVC

During Wednesday's Hamilton County Election Board meeting, members voted to allow Monty Bell to remain on the 2021 Chattanooga mayoral ballot despite not having a permanent residence.

Mayoral candidate Monty Bruell tried to push the commission to remove him citing his address being the Community Kitchen downtown.

Board members said they allowed Bell to register to vote with the Community Kitchen as his address, therefore they decided to allow him to remain a mayoral candidate for Chattanooga.

Another candidate was removed from the ballot due to residency concerns.

The board voted to remove Michele Peterson as a mayoral candidate after questions came up about her residency being outside of city limits in the past year.

Peterson tried to withdraw, but commissioners noted the deadline to withdraw was December 24th, 2020.

Early voting for the Chattanooga mayoral race is February 10th, through February 25th and Election Day is March 2nd.

The election board also voted to make Scott Allen the permanent replacement for Kerry Steelman as Elections Administrator.