Gallery: Valley View Elementary Students have breakfast with veterans Thursday

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Image: WTVC

As Veterans Day approaches, one Cleveland school showed its appreciation for their service in a unique way Thursday morning.

Students and staff at Valley View Elementary are using bacon, eggs and biscuits to say thank you to the nearly 50 veterans in this cafeteria.

All served our country in different capacities, like James Cox, who sat with his granddaughter.

Mr. Cox was drafted to the army to serve in the Vietnam War.

“It’s an honor just to come and be with her. She shows me respect and that’s showing me something,” Cox said Thursday morning.

Students also ate breakfast with their family members including Chris Ellison and his fifth-grade daughter McKenna.

“It’s a great time that the community comes around to really honor the veterans and show the kids what it is to serve and serve others, “Ellison said, who served in the army from 1997-2006. Any time I get to spend with the kids is great.”

“It’s very honorable,” McKenna said. “You can’t even put words to it because it’s such a great honor.”

The day started in a special way. There was a walk of Honor with the distinguished guests into the gym for a short ceremony.

It was an easy reminder for Vietnam War vetSean, Ronald Rowe, of why he chose to serve as he reminisced with his wife Jane.

“It’s made me a much better person and employee, Ronald said.

“I appreciate that he served and kept us safe,” Jane said.

Although this food will fill stomachs temporarily, these students hope their actions displayed their eternal gratitude.

The organizer of this breakfast said students plan to make care with packages beginning the week of Nov. 10 and send them to those who are currently deployed.

According to the school’s principal, they have been having this annual Veteran’s Day breakfast for at least the last seven years.Click our gallery above to see more photos.