Drink responsibly: Gov. Lee's newest order allows bars to open under COVID-19 guidelines

Sign outside Pax Breu Ruim, WTVC

Some folks might be raising a glass to the new COVID-19 order under Governor Bill Lee. Bars can officially open.

While restaurants who sell alcohol have been open for some time now, bars and businesses who normally don’t sell food, have had to get creative.

Many drink spots are selling growlers and to go beers from a window in their store, or they may be partnering with a food truck to fit around restrictions, like Pax Breu Ruim.

"Barely open, we’ve been doing take out," said owner John Biondolillo.

He says Governor Lee’s new order won’t change much for him because he was already planning on opening the shops floor back up.

"I think even with us opening we’re only gonna get about 20-30% of our people back anyway because I think the majority of people are still wanting to be careful about social distancing," said Biondolillo.

Burt Casey at Fountainhead Taproom held a soft open on Friday to see what it would be like to open under the states guidelines.

"We’ve seen signs of life out here on the Southside that have been really encouraging," said Casey.

He says opening at 50% capacity might not be enough, but he still plans on giving customers options like new outdoor deck seating.

"We’re trying to do things like that to kind of spread out space out a little bit, make more room for people to be in here without being too close," said Casey.

Loyal Fountainhead Taproom customer, Jeffrey Harwood, says folks will have to take "drinking responsibly" to a new level and that’s fine with him.

"It just means that we can get back out intro the world and find some level of normal again, so we’re all excited about that," said Harwood.

With bars reopening owners just ask that folks shop local.

"They’re our friends, we want to keep them in business," said Biondolillo.

Governor lees guidelines include things like social distancing and proper sanitizing. The order also says that folks cannot be served at the bar- they have to be seated at a table.

You can see Governor Bill Lee's order here.