Prosecutors: Whitwell woman's story about Lucas doesn't align with her attorney's defense

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The defense continues testimony after day two recess. The trial is expected to go to the jurors after the defense wraps up Thursday. (Image: WTVC)


The defense for Holly Rutledge rested its case Thursday afternoon without calling their client to the stand.

Rutledge took the stand waive her right to testify before the jury.

The prosecution called Dr.Lee back to the stand for questioning on Thursday.

Dr. Lee performed the autopsy on Lucas Dillon.

The state began closing arguments in the trial after questioning Dr.Lee for a second time.

The defense presented its closing arguments following the state's closing arguments.


Trial for a woman in Whitwell accused of killing a 5-year-old child entered its third day on Thursday.

Holly Rutledge is accused of killing Lucas Dillon back in 2015.

Newschannel 9's Hannah Lawrence is in the court room. She is giving live updates at her Twitter page.

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To start off Thursday's testimony, the defense asked Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) Agent Chip Andy to return to the stand.

The defense reviewed Rutledge's call log from her phone the day before and the day when she found Lucas unconscious.

Then, the defense called biomedical engineer Dr. William Lee to the stand.

Lee examined pictures of Lucas's bedroom to the jury.

The defense told jurors about a homemade slide from the top bunked bed.

The defense claims the slide was created by the accused Rutledge and Lucas's father.

Lee told jurors he is being paid $150/hour by the defense for his work in this trial.

Rutledge said she found Lucas unconscious on the couch, however on Wednesday doctors testified Lucas's injuries would have caused immediate symptoms.

Prosecutors argue Lucas wouldn't have been able to get back onto the couch with the injuries he received.

Prosecutors suggest if Lucas had hit his head on the coffee table, paramedics and Rutledge would have found Lucas unconscious on the floor instead of the couch.

Jurors will get the case once the defense wraps up.

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