DACA phasing out affects local residents

The DACA program began with a very specific purpose. (Image: WTVC)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an announcement Tuesday that the Trump administration intends to "phase out" DACA. The DACA program currently grants 800,000 immigrants status and work authorization.

One local man says he owes everything to DACA. Coming to the United States at the age of 12, Carlos Rodriguez says it wasn't his decision.

"I had no choice...I remember crying to my mother when she said we were going to the States. I said 'No I don't want to go'."

According to immigration attorney Amber Seay, DACA was started for people like Carlos.

"We have babies who are under one year old brought here to the United States. DACA was intended to help minors who were brought here by their parents," Seay told NewsChannel9.

Seay says that the White House's memo does not say that ICE will immediately seek out residents with expired DACA papers. Although, if they are "caught speeding or commit any crime, they can be turned over to ice and deportation proceedings can begin."

The White House says the program is illegal and intends to phase it out. Sessions says this is the start of it"winding down". As of September 5th, there will be no consideration of initial DACA applications. For some recipients who are up for renewal, they may apply before October 5th.

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