Community comes together for Chattanooga baby who receives liver transplant

Community comes together for Chattanooga baby who receives liver transplant. (Image: WTVC)
NewsChannel9 first met Liam Striker on May 22nd. Liam underwent liver transplant at just 10 months old after his mom, Luisa Hernandez and dad Cheyenne Striker noticed his skin was yellow.

After reaching out to other moms on Facebook, Luisa and Cheyenne took Liam to multiple doctors.

Eventually, Cheyenne and Luisa received a call telling them that Liam had liver disease. After that call they spent the next month in Atlanta at the Ronald McDonald House while Liam underwent treatment.

"He is our warrior," Luisa says of her son. Just three months after surgery Liam is walking (with a little help) and he is smiling bigger than ever before. Although this treatment came at a hefty price. With medical bills totaling over 500,000 dollars, the family is hoping the gain support from the community through fundraisers.

The woman who started out as Liam's photographer stepped to host a fundraiser in Heritage Park on June 17th and now calls her self more than just the woman with the camera.

"They are really like my second family," Paisley Lemons told NewsChannel9. Lemons felt an immediate connection to the family, having a son that was born just 20 days after Liam. She says she put herself in their shoes and knew she had to do more. Paisley arranged a fundraiser with face paint artists, a silent auction, a bake sale, and even Batman. The family knows that this will be a lifelong battle for Liam, since surgery was a treatment, not a cure. They are continuing to plan fundraisers throughout the community.