Chattanooga woman wears a wedding dress that made headlines almost 40 years ago

Sequence_AGE_HOLDS WEDDING DRESS_0001_frame_56737.png
Sequence_AGE_HOLDS WEDDING DRESS_0001_frame_56737.png

Every single detail on Lauren Coakley's wedding dress was placed by hand.

Over 3,000 crystals and over 2 years of labor, this dress was made to be one of a kind.

Her mother, Melanie Coakley made the dress for her own wedding 35 years ago.

Showcased on the cover of the a Chattanooga newspaper, the dress and all of the bridesmaids dresses were made by hand.

"I was interviewed by the paper because not many 27 year olds make their own dress," said Melanie Coakley.

Even at the time of her wedding, she knew she wanted this dress to have a legacy.

Melanie says, "I even said in the article, you know, 'one day I might have a daughter and she might wear this dress'. Now I do and she is here! She is so beautiful.. this dress is more beautiful now than it was 35 years ago she says."

Even after searching the stores, Lauren said she knew this dress was her destiny.

"I always looked at my mother's picture on the wall and anytime my friends would play dress up I wanted to wear the dress and she would say 'No! We are not taking it out of the box.' So the day that we did, well that was my favorite day."

Lauren says, "She always been someone I looked up to and I always wanted to be like her."