Chattanooga Clean & Green: Keeping Downtown Beautiful

Come on down and join us for the Chattanooga Clean & Green!

UPDATE: We had so much fun joining forces with the McMahan Law Firm to help clean up downtown Chattanooga this weekend!

Thanks to all that came out to help us!

See y'all next year!

PAST: NewsChannel 9 and FOX Chattanooga are joining forces with the McMahan Law Firm to help clean up our city!

If you're looking for something to do Saturday morning on April 21, why not volunteer to help clean up downtown Chattanooga?

People will be out all over Chattanooga picking up trash, cleaning graffiti and even putting up murals in the city.

Check-in is 8 a.m. at Miller Plaza, 850 Market Street.

All downtown districts and many surrounding neighborhoods like Hill City, Glenwood and Highland Park are targeted for Clean and Green efforts.

Anyone can sign up to help according to their website! They say "From large companies to individuals, families with young children to college students, Clean & Green will find a place and tasks for everyone."

Since 2011, over 4,600 volunteers have made Clean and Green a huge success.

We would love for you to join us.

Sign up to be a volunteer for the Chattanooga Clean & Green at The registry form is at the bottom of the website.

2017 special projects were:

  • Playground cleanups at Siskin Children’s Institute and Little Miss Mag Early Learning Center
  • Two community murals; one on E MLK Boulevard and one on the 800 block of Broad Street
  • Stage staining at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center
  • A Chickamauga Dam River Cleanup
  • Baker Hill Neighborhood lot cleanup and painting projects
  • Public art installation cleaning
  • 52 bike lane planters replanted
  • Art projects and sign installation at Battle Academy
  • An invasive plant species removal at Renaissance Park
  • A community garden replanting in Oak Hills
  • An alleyway cleanup in Orchard Knob

2016 special projects were:

  • Landscaping projects at Normal Park Museum Magnet
  • Raised garden planting and art projects at the Hart Gallery
  • Raised garden planting and playground cleanup at Little Miss Mag early Learning Center
  • A playground cleanup at Siskin Children’s Institute
  • A community mural and raised garden bed planting at the Downtown YMCA
  • Downtown tree bed mulching and pressure washing
  • Painting of a pavilion at Ted Bryant Sr. Park