Chattanooga Chuck predicts 6 more weeks of winter

Chattanooga Chuck.png
Image: WTVC

Those of you who were hoping for an early spring were disappointed with Chattanooga Chuck's prediction Friday morning.

We brought you his annual prediction live from the Tennessee Aquarium on Good Morning Chattanooga. Watch below.

The full poem:

What a wonderful morning for such an honored tradition
When I, Chattanooga Chuck, make my annual prediction.
This year I pondered what the coming weeks may bring
More chilly days ahead or a promise of spring?
There’s been some debate among Aquarium creatures,
To decide what upcoming weather forecasts might feature.
Of course the lemurs urged me to call for spring
Because sun worshipping is kind of their thing.
My pals in Penguins’ Rock would beg to differ,
Since cooler temps are ideal for birds like Nipper.
But with a little Groundhog Day magic (and some extra investigation)
I’m ready to share my 2018 prognostication.
Keep out your hat and coat, don’t put them away,
Because for a least six more weeks winter’s here to stay!

Chattanooga Chuck, Beauregard Lee in Georgia and Punxsatawney Phil, in Pennsylvania, appeared to be in agreement:

Check out the party in Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania below: