Chattanooga Charter School students celebrate accomplishments, 'reward school' title

Chattanooga Charter School students celebrate academic accomplishments & reward school title - WTVC.PNG
(Image: WTVC)

Chattanooga Charter School celebrated their students' academic achievements Wednesday morning

Students earned an A+ for the school and the title of "reward school."

Balloons and smiles came from many students as they held a small celebration for their accomplishments.

For these students, it meant that they met goals that the state set for them and maintained that throughout the year.

Not only did they celebrate being a reward school, but they also celebrated meeting attendance goals.

One of the things Head of Schools Jeffrey Hernandez was impressed with was how much growth the students showed in their learning goals.

"They saw that hard work can take them to reach their goals," said Hernandez, "Our teachers really came together as a team and a family, and as head of schools I'm immensely proud."

The students' academic growth went from a 1.1 to a 3.1 over the course of one year.

The state will release all the scores Thursday. Once they are up, we'll share the scores here on our website.