CFC hosts open tryouts

CFC tryouts.png
Image: WTVC

Dozens of soccer playing hopefuls piled into Finley Stadium and braced the cold this morning, for the chance to play pro.

The Chattanooga Football Club held its tryouts Saturday morning. For some the tryout means more than getting a new job.

It's about 30 degrees, windy and a football field full of athletes are vying for a handful of spots, vut that's not stopping 16-year-old Alfonso Aguirre.

"I decided to just try out, give it all I got,” said Aguirre.

His passion for the game has taken him to Mexico City and Miami. If he lands a spot on CFC's roster, he'll be closer to his family, who lives near Chattanooga.

"I love my mom, I love my parents, my brothers, being in this club will mean a lot," said Aguirre.

CFC President Sheldon Grizzle says any player on the field, who gives it his all, has chance to play when the seat at Finley are filled with fan.

"We have no idea what we're going to see here today, so we could find several guys or one guy or a whole team," said Grizzle.

Morning tryouts are just the first round. More hopefuls, who coaches have recruited, are coming in later on Saturday.

The competition is fierce, but some players, like self-proclaimed "Chattahooligan" Matt Coniglio, are just here to have fun.

"I’m not going to make the team, we can and write that down right now," said Coniglio.

Most Saturday nights, in the summer, you'll find Coniglio cheering in these stands. He's here to get a taste of what his favorite football team does and to encourage those, like Aguirre, who are trying to make a living doing what they love for the team they admire.

"I’ve dreamed of playing in this stadium since I was young and I’ve trained every day after school. I get up early train everyday," said Aguirre.

CFC has about 25 spots on their roster. Aguirre says he feels confidents about his chances.

The Chattanooga Football Club opens their season on March 23rd Against Guatemalan powerhouse Comunicaciones Futbol Club.