Bobcat recovered, released in Dunlap Friday morning

Dunlap bobcat 2.jpg
Image: Dunlap Police Dept.

Dunlap Police responded to an unusual and furry, call Friday morning.

Someone found a bobcat in an outbuilding on Williams Road.

The bobcat was healthy and after agents with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), Dunlap Police Officer Edgeman relocated it to a more secluded location in Sequatchie County.

The TWRA says bobcats are usually quiet, but may give high-pitched screams or low growls. During breeding season bobcats become more vocal.

Adult bobcat tracks have an overall round appearance with four round toe pads in both front and rear prints. They are strictly carnivorous and prey upon rabbits, rodents, birds and deer.

Compared to other wildlife species, they rarely cause conflicts with humans. But the TWRA says if you ever see one, you should leave it alone.