Aquarium: Chattanooga Chuck, who predicted winters for over a decade, passes away

Chattanooga Chuck 2.png
Chattanooga Chuck 2.png

The Tennessee Aquarium has announced that Chattanooga Chuck, the gruff-but-lovable groundhog who predicted winters in the Chattanooga area for several years on Groundhog Day, has passed away.

In an email release, the Aquarium says "He was an incredible animal ambassador throughout his ten and a half years at the Tennessee Aquarium."

A post on the Tennessee Aquarium's blog says "Literally millions of people came to know Chattanooga Chuck through these programs and his special Groundhog Day prognostications. Chuck made his first seasonal forecast at the Aquarium in February of 2010 and rose to fame as one of the Weather Channel’s “Top Groundhogs to Watch” and appeared live on CNN as well as numerous other media appearances."

For his last winter prediction last year, he predicted another six weeks of winter.

You can read much more about Chattanooga Chuck's life here, which began in Pennsylvania (home to Punxsatawney Phil, one of his prognosticating partners.