Heavy rain at times overnight and into early Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning Outlook.png
Tuesday Morning Outlook

Monday 10pm Update

A slow moving area of low pressure will push across the Tennessee Valley through Tuesday. The heavy downpours that we have had through Monday Evening should gradually shift to the east overnight. While not in all locations, some pockets of heavy rain will be possible.

By Tuesday, the heavier showers should be over the eastern half of the viewing area through the morning hours (Areas east of I-75). The remainder of the viewing area should have a cloudy sky along with lighter showers at times. Not an all day rainfall, but periodic showers from time to time. By late day Tuesday, the heavier showers over the eastern half of the viewing area should move farther east. Still some off and on light pockets of showers into Tuesday Night.

By Wednesday, some breaks in the clouds possible and afternoon highs around 70. A few isolated showers cannot be ruled out.

You can depend on the StormTrack 9 Team for updates!

David Glenn

Monday Midday Update

Lines of rain/storms are developing this afternoon due to daytime heating/low pressure to the west. This low will slowly move east over the next 36 hours.
Spinning around the low are little disturbances that are helping to kick off lines of rain/storms quickly moving from south to north. Due to the already saturated ground, any more heavy rain that falls could lead to more excessive run off.

The threat for severe weather is still low, HOWEVER additional flash flooding could be possible in spots. Some areas could see an addition 1-2” thru tonight.

Winds will still be breezy this afternoon, just not as high as last night...EXCEPT in the higher elevations east of I-75 and the TN/NC Border. Winds could still exceed 40mph in those areas. Trees could still come down in spots.
Any wind gust with storms locally, even at 30mph could still knock down a tree this afternoon!

So Far.

  • Most in our area have seen 2-3” of rain, especially along the TN/GA border.
  • “Areal” flood watch continues for N GA (Meaning watching small creeks).
  • Winds are not as strong this afternoon, but still breezy (10-20mph). Gust could be higher.
  • Highest wind gust in East TN was 65mph (Smoky mountains)
  • No official wind reports for SE TN, but have seen mostly 15-25mph, and up to 29 in Tellico and 27mph in Murphy.
  • Locally, higher gust reported in GA:
  • Chatsworth: 54mph
  • Dalton: 36mph
  • Trenton: 34mph
  • Blairsville: 36mph

Bottom line, its hard to say who exactly will see the heavier bands of rain, and due to the scattered nature, the NWS hasn’t issued more flood watches. Flood warning continues for Lookout creek, but is going down, however could rise quickly again. Due to saturated ground, excessive run off is likely during the heavier downpours.