Friend's battle with cancer inspires one Chattanooga woman to open her own craft shop

Final product of her paper rose petal.png
Final product of her paper rose petal. Image by WTVC

Joy Underwood's artistic side came out early, as she watched the women in her life.

"My grandmother was very creative and she was a great seamstress," says Joy.

She channeled that inspiration for a place she loves.

"I always did stuff for the church making things," she says.

Joy says that it wasn't until one her friends was diagnosed with bladder cancer that she she felt she needed to do something bigger with her talent.

"The doctors said there was nothing else they could do," says Joy.

Three months after her friend died, she decided to create Enjoy Creations.

"I got up and I went to the crafts store and I bought paper and I just started cutting," says Joy.

One of her proudest moments - sponsoring an event with friend Marquetta Ector.

"My flowers were displayed in the background for one of the photo booths," says Joy.

She spends her time making balloon garlands, floral wreaths and custom items.

"I make t-shirts, I make glasses, and basically anything that would be made with hand I can tackle it," says Joy.

It's a passion she says she doesn't take lightly.

"I put my heart, my soul and love into it."

One specialty of hers is making paper roses larger than the average dinner plate.

The first step of her paper rose is using a special cutting machine, which skillfully cuts out the shapes to the petals.

"And then, I'm going to go ahead and slit all these," says Joy as she uses large scissors to cut a small slit in the middle of each petal.

Once she's finished with the cutting, she plugs in her glue gun and begins gluing each section of each petal together, forming a more realistic look.

Joy learns new techniques from YouTube and other craft enthusiasts.

Step by step, she forms the paper rose.

In the very last step. she marks each item with her own stamp.

It's something she hopes she can pass down for generations to come.

"It be passed on and be a family name that Enjoy Creation go on and on and on," says Joy.

For custom designs by Enjoy Creations you can contact Joy Underwood (423)-364-4597 or by email

You can also view her most recent work at her Facebook page here and her Instagram page here.