Zoo from 'Tiger King' doc under investigation after photos of injured animals surface

Photo of the G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood, Ok (KOKH)

WYNNEWOOD, Okla (KOKH) — The G.W. Zoo, formerly owned by Joe Exotic and featured in the Netflix documentary "Tiger King," is in some hot water after photos of animals some claim are being neglected surfaced.

PETA got ahold of the photos and sent several requests for an investigation to the U.S. Department of Agriculture according to a release.

They said some of the animals are suffering from “flystrike”—a condition in which flies, usually drawn to uncleared animal waste, bite other animals and lay eggs on them. The hatched maggots eat away at their skin.

Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullett said they were made aware of the possible situation several times after PETA placed a full-page ad in the Wynnewood Gazette asking employees and volunteers to report any neglect they've seen.

Sheriff Mullett said an investigation is underway with U.S. Game & Fish, State Wildlife, and the USDA along with the Garvin County Sheriff's Department.

The injured animals are receiving veterinarian care and are being monitored by the USDA according to a release by the Garvin County Sheriff's Department.

KOKH has reached out to the G.W. Zoo and Jeff Lowe but has not heard back at this time.