Update: Dalton boy sinks deal on season premiere of 'Shark Tank'

Tripp Phillips.png
Image: WTVC

A 12-year-old Dalton boy made waves on the season premiere of ABC's 'Shark Tank' Sunday night.

Tripp Phillips pitched his water soluble glue to the sharks for the season 10 premiere. He appeared along with his sister Alli and father Lee.

Tripp says a third grade project inspired him to start inventing, adding, "In third grade as a class assignment we either had a choice to write a paper of come up with an invention."

Tripp's dad Lee told him to identify a problem and work to find the solution. At 9 years old, Tripp says a major issue for him was that his Legos kept falling apart, prompting him to come up with Le Glue.

With a little help from dad, Tripp worked up a formula for temporary glue that dissolves in water. He became one of the youngest kids with a business patent.

You can purchase Dalton's very own Le-Glue here on Amazon or directly from the Le-Glue website.

Congratulations to Tripp!

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