Red Bank sword shop officially licensed to sell 'Game of Thrones' replica blades

Game of Thrones replica swords at Jalic Blades - WTVC.png
At Jalic Blades in Red Bank, you can buy officially licensed replicas of 'Game of Thrones' swords. (Image: WTVC)

Valyrian steel is within grasp, thanks to a local sword shop owner's deal with George R. R. Martin.

Millions tuned in to watch "Game of Thrones" Sunday night, the popular series breaking HBO rating records kicked off its 8th and final season.

Jalic Blades is a sword shop in Red Bank. They are one of the few shops that has permission to sell replicas of the swords used in the show.

Shop owner Chris Beasley says he reached a deal with George R. R. Martin three months before HBO picked up the series for a show.

Beasley says he never expected the show to be this big.

"I knew it would be successful, but I thought it would be successful for a niche fantasy show not successful as the most successful television show ever," he said, "You know that's like Christmas - money raining from the skies. It's great to be involved in that kind of cultural moment."

Beasley says their sales always pick up when the show is in season.