'Dream come true:' 94-year-old called to front of stage at Vince Gill concert

Courtesy: Savannah Rushing.{ }

A 94-year-old Tennessee woman crossed an item off her bucket list Wednesday night after sharing a sweet moment with Vince Gill at one of his concerts.

Sarah Darnell made the trip from Johnson City to Knoxville for the Vince Gill concert, bringing her caregiver Savannah Rushing and a big pink poster that reads, "I'm 94. You're on my bucket list!"

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Plenty of fans admired Sarah's sign, but she had no idea what was going to happen next. After enjoying two songs from the country artist, a Knoxville Civic Auditorium security guard approached the 94-year-old and told her to grab her sign and follow her to the front of the stage.

When Sarah's poster was placed on the stage, the crowd went wild and Vince Gill let the 94-year-old know she was on his bucket list too!

This absolutely made her entire life in this moment right here," caregiver Savannah Rushing said. "She was so happy, she was about to cry!"

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Rushing said right after she stopped recording, Sarah yelled to Vince Gill that she loved him. His response? "I love you too, darlin'."

"Seriously last night was a dream come true for Sarah," Rushing said. "Thank you, Vince Gill for making a 94 year old's dreams come true."